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Born on 7/14/15


Chenporewa JoJo Jairo at Nyingma
Chenporewa Ko-Dhi Kamala


Chenporewa JoJo Jairo at Nyingma
See more photos of Jairo HERE


Chenporewa Ko-Dhi Kamala "Kougar"
See more of Kougar Here New photos added!


We have produced this pedigree before with wonderful results. Two years ago we bred Kougar's sister to Jairo and produced superior puppies with outstanding temperaments, nice heads, strong bone and beautiful structure. The puppy we kept from this breeding has exceeded our expectations.

We have no reason to anticipate anything less from this very similar pairing.

We will have gorgeous black and black & tan puppies out of this litter.

Please contact me with any questions if you are interested in being part of the selection of the families for any of these puppies. Fill out our online puppy questionnaire, Contact us or call my cell (781) 223-3751 (Susana).

View Puppy Pedigree


Puppies Produced From Same Pedigree

Prior Puppies


Cambu Sundari

Cambu Sundari (Kougar's Sire)

If you may be interested in a puppy from this litter, I advise putting a reservation early and filling out the puppy questionnaire. Homes for these puppies will be very carefully selected.

Potential owners should recognize that Tibetan Mastiffs are strong-willed and independent dogs. Not a breed inclined to oblige every command, they try to get their own way. These dogs need space that they can claim as their own. A fenced yard is a must and a 6' fence is recommended. A Tibetan Mastiff is a very devoted and wonderful companion placed with the correct family. These dogs have enriched our lives and they can do the same for you with proper training and socialization.

Propective new families are encouraged to visit our kennel and meet the parents.

Please contact us if you are interested in in a puppy.


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2015 Litter

Jairo x Kougar Puppies



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