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Breeding Plans 2017/18

Chris P x Vajra

Nyingma Chenpo Chris P

Chris P

Chenporewa Val Vajrayana


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We are very excited to plan for this year, the first breeding for both of these exceptional examples of the breed.

Nyingma Chenpo Chris P is the son of our very special boy Chenporewa Jojo Jairo, which has proven to produce stunning pups, with wonderful temperaments, living in many homes across USA. Chris P looks very similar to his dad, but has a little longer coat. We are certain he will pass his dad's positive genes to his offspring.

Chenporewa Val Vajrayana is our latest import from Estonia. Vajra is a granddaughter of the famous Chenporewa Hum Hurricane. Her Mom Nunnu is a copy of her dad in a female version. Very sweet with very heavy bone. Her father is a import from China and lives in Russia. Vajra's dad is a gorgeous big red male with long coat, big head, bone with a wonderful temperament which he passed to his daughter. Vajra is our clown. She is very funny, always happy. ready to play. She is friendly, but a guardian as well. She has wonderful movement and structure.

We expect this to be an amazing litter which will carry all of the wonderful traits of their ancestors. They should have good temperament, yet great guardians as well. Close to perfect structures, medium to long coats, heavy bone, big heads and good movement.

Potential owners should recognize that Tibetan Mastiffs are strong-willed and independent dogs. Not a breed inclined to oblige every command, they try to get their own way. These dogs need space that they can claim as their own. A fenced yard is a must and a 6' fence is recommended. A Tibetan Mastiff is a very devoted and wonderful companion placed with the correct family. These dogs have enriched our lives and they can do the same for you with proper training and socialization.

Propective new families are encouraged to visit our kennel and meet the parents.

Please contact us if you are interested in in a puppy.



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Pedigree Photos

Vajra's Sire

Vajra's Sire

Vajra's Grand Sire

Vajra's Grand Sire

Vajra's Dam



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Chris P x Vajra Puppy Photos Coming Soon


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