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We are situated only 30 minutes south of historic Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. Our dogs are a hobby and they are an integral part of our New England family life. We appreciate the opportunity to talk about our involvement and devotion to them. So we're rolling out the welcome mat to greet you, our visitor and guest. Grab a coffee and stay awhile. Make yourself at home as we invite you to share in the love for our Tibetan Mastiffs.


About Us



An initial AKC internet search helped us discover the Tibetan Mastiff breed. We were intrigued with the breed's general look and its independent nature. After months of reading and talking with as many people experienced with TMs as possible we decided it was time to see representatives of the breed. We drove 3 hours to the western part of the state and saw 3 beautiful Tibetan Mastiffs.

The owners of these dogs alerted us to the fact that this breed is not for everyone. The information they imparted included the facts that the dogs are normally protective and can be nocturnal barkers. They also need a yard surrounded by at least 6-foot fencing to ensure their safety. Despite the foreseeable challenges that the breed can present we would not be deterred with finding the first TM that we could call our own.

We were specific in our quest and believe in striving for healthy, well-tempermented dogs that are very much a part of our family life. Along with our two European Tibetan Mastiff imports, we also have a German Shepherd Dog and we have a lot of fun with all of them. They are wonderful companions and we enjoy sharing in such activities as hiking, beach outings and children's sport games. Our dogs always behave but we have learned that socializing them to situations and people is a very important part of responsible dog ownership.



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